“A solid math foundation is built on deep fundamental understandings. Trying to teach concepts prior to mastering their basics causes confusion and can create a sense of being lost or of being weak at math”


High school survival math is a unique one-of-a-kind program designed by experienced high school math teachers. A strong foundation in basic math skills is very important to survive high school math. And this is exactly what this program is about.


Program features:

  1.  It is exclusively designed for students who struggle in high school math programs because their basic skills in math from lower grade are not very strong.

  2. From basics of ‘ratios’ and ‘percentages’ to the concepts of ‘exponents’ and ‘quadratics’, this program covers it all.

  3. The program is offered on two levels-Remedial and Expertise.

  4. At remedial level, concepts will be re-taught.

  5. At expertise level, concepts will be re-visited.

  6. Both the levels will involve the right amount of practicing the concepts, both in-class and at-home.

  7. A diagnostic test in the beginning will decide the appropriate level for the student


If you are interested in this program, please contact the school office.