What is an OSSD credit?

In order to award the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), students must earn a total of 30 credits. A credit is defined as a 110-hour course in which the expectations laid down by the Ministry of Education in the Province of Ontario have been successfully completed.

If I am a full-time or part-time student at another high school, can I still take an OSSD credit course with GAA School?

Yes. You do not need the permission of your home school to take a course with GAA School. However, you can also check with the guidance department of your school to be sure. We will communicate with your school when you register for a course with us. We might also send a copy of your midterm report card to your school, if required.

When you finish the course, we will send a copy of the final report card and transcript to your home-school, where the credit will be added to your OSR (Ontario Student Transcript).

Do I have to be registered at another high school to take a course with Green Apple Alternative School?

No, you do not have to be. If you are not currently attending  any school or have already graduated, we can still send report cards for credits earned to the school that hosts your Ontario Student Record (OSR) to be added to your file. If you have not yet graduated from high school, you can also have your OSR transferred to Green Apple Alternative School and graduate.

Can I be registered at a University or College and take a course with GAA School?

Yes. Green Apple Alternative School is a great option for students switching programs who need an additional OSSD prerequisite. Once the course is completed, we can send the report card directly to the university or college to demonstrate evidence of the credit earned.

What is a prerequisite course? A prerequisite course is a course that a student must complete prior to taking the next level of the subject. Prerequisite requirements are outlined by the Ministry of Education in order to ensure that students are properly prepared to take a course. For example, a student must complete MPM1D prior to being able to take MPM2D in order to ensure that the student has the foundation to be successful in the higher level course.

Students can find out more information on required prerequisites by viewing the Course Outline for the course they are looking to take.

Do I have to have completed the prerequisite course before I register for a course?

Depending on the experience of the student, it is also possible that a prerequisite requirement can be waived at the discretion of the Principal. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the school a copy of his/her Ontario Student Transcript (OST), Report Card or Credit Counselling Summary which proves that the student has achieved the prerequisite for the course.

If a student or parent requests that a prerequisite be waived, the Principal will determine whether or not the prerequisite should be waived based upon the student’s educational level, experience and maturity. If a student has taken a similar course in a different province or country, it is possible that the prerequisite could be waived since many of the same concepts were likely covered.

What is an upgrading course (repeating a course)?

Repeating a course allows the student, who did not meet the level of success they desired in the course, to have a second chance to reach the level of achievement they desire. If you successfully completed a course in the past 12 months, you can retake it in order to improve your marks.

An upgrade credit course is exactly the same as a regular credit course. It covers the same Ministry expectations as the regular credit course you took for the first time.

Who is eligible for upgrading course?

To be eligible for upgrading, the student must have completed the credit and attained a mark of at least 50%. If you wish to enroll in an upgrade course at Green Apple Alternative School, please bring a copy of your report card or transcript showing that you have completed the course before.

How will the repeated course appear on the Ontario Student Transcript (OST)?

In Grades 9 and 10, only the credit with the higher mark appears on the transcript. There will be no evidence on the transcript that the student took the course a second time. In Grades 11 and 12, both courses appear on the transcript. Both courses have their marks placed in the percentage columns but the course with the lower mark has an “R” in the “Credit” column, instead of the credit value, indicating that the student has repeated the course and that the percentage grade given for this attempt is the lower grade.

If I am a Grade 12 student, how will OUAC/OCAS or the University know that I am taking a course with GAA School?

When a student enrolls or reaches midterm or final point in a course, we can send that information to OUAC or OCAS upon a student’s request. Once we have the student’s OUAC reference number on file, any future updates to the student’s progress (i.e. midterm or final report cards) will be sent to the OUAC account on file.

Please note that unless you provide us with your OUAC reference number, any updates on course progress will not be automatically sent to OUAC.