Frequently asked question

How does my home school know that I am taking a course at Green Apple?

Your home school will be notified within the first week of your enrollment at Green Apple that you are taking a course at Green Apple via a mailed letter.

What are the requirements for me to join Green Apple?

In order to enroll in a course, you need to provide us with a transcript or report card which states the prerequisite courses you have taken as well as proof of date of birth and address to verify your identity. 

If I am currently a grade 12 student, how will my marks be transferred to OUAC/OCAS?

Green Apple submits grades to OUAC four times in a school year, February, mid-April, June and July. When a student enrolls or reaches midterm or final point in a course, Green Apple will send that information to OUAC, OCAS, and/or to any post-secondary institution upon a student’s request. It usually takes about 2-3 business days for your marks to show at OUAC. It is always beneficial to double-check that the grade has been updated when you reach the midterm or final point in the course.

Can I join at anytime during the school year?

Practically, you may join Green Apple at anytime, however it is strongly suggested you enroll in the beginning of each term in advance. 

What is the registration fee and how much is each course

The one-time non refundable registration fee is $50 and the course fee is $525 for each credit.

What is the average class size?

Class sizes can vary but we have an average class size of 8- 10 students. This is something we take a lot of pride in as this allows our students to get attention first hand while learning!

Is it true that I will achieve a higher mark at a private school compared to my home school?

We do not guarantee a higher mark; however, we do guarantee an opportunity and a push along the way for you to reach your desired goal!

What is a prerequisite course? Do I have to complete this course before I register?

A prerequisite course is one that a student must complete prior to taking the next level of the subject. Prerequisite requirements are outlined by the Ministry of Education in order to ensure that students are properly prepared to take a course at the next higher level. For example, a student must complete SCH3U prior to being able to take SCH4U in order to ensure that the student has the foundation to be successful in the higher level course.

Prerequisite requirement can be waived, but this is done at the discretion of the school Principal. If a student has taken a similar course in a different province or country, it is possible that the prerequisite could be waived as determined by course equivalency standards

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we have a refund policy. If you decide to drop a course for whatever reason 5 business days before the course start date, we will gladly refund the entire course fee. If the course is withdrawn within two business days of the course start date, 50% of the course fee is refunded. There is no refund issued after two days of course start date. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable in all cases.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Every credit course of credit value one will take exactly 110 hours to complete. The duration of your course largely depends on your schedule. Generally, it takes 48 instructional days (2.5 hours of class instruction) to complete a course.

Are there extended hours available for students who may need extra help?

Yes, Green Apple offers extra help at no extra cost to the students. If a student needs to stay back an hour or so for extra help, we gladly offer it. 

Will the credit I take at Green Apple be accepted by the Universities I apply to?

Yes, the credit course taken at Green Apple has the same credit value as any other course you would take at a public school, night school, summer school or any other inspected private school. Our previous students faced no issues during their University/college acceptance.

How many terms do you have in a school year?

We have four terms in a year. The terms for school year 2020-2021 can be found under the School Terms page to be found under the About Us tab on the homepage.

Does Green Apple accept international students? What is the procedure for an international student wishing to enroll in a course at Green Apple?

Yes, Green Apple gladly accepts international students. Please call us at 905-495-2500 or email at info@greenappleschool.ca to know more.