Summer School

Summer School is a great way to get a headstart for the next school year.

Green Apple offers summer school for students throughout the months of July and August.

July summer school begins from Monday July 5, 2021 to Friday July 30, 2021 and August summer school begins from Tuesday August 3, 2021 to Monday August 30, 2021. Classes begin at 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, from Monday to Friday. 

July Summer School Monday July 5, 2021 to Friday July 30, 2021 
August Summer School Tuesday August 3, 2021 to Monday August 30, 2021. 
Summer School Timings 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, from Monday to Friday.





Reasons why you should take summer school...

  • Improve your grades - If you do not have the grades required to take the post-secondary program you want, summer school is the best time to upgrade your marks.
  • To prepare for University/College  - If a course wasn't a pre-requiste for university admission but was strongly recommended, summer school may be right for you!
  • To make the next school year a bit easier - Summer school is a great way for students to catch up, get ahead and get their tough courses out the way earlier.
  • To brush up on a subject you're not confident about - Summer schools are a great way of getting up to speed on a  subject which is not your forte. Our small class size setting allows one to get the help they need one-on-one with their teacher.
  • Focus on a core/diffucult subject - Summer school provides the best environment to focus on a difficult subject in a small class setting. When you only have one subject to concentrate on, you are more likely to score better than while juggling with three other courses during the school year.