High School Survival Math Program

Most students fall below their expected level of mathematics achievment. 

When asked why they were not as successful in learning mathematics, the reply is

"I never understood math,"                 "I never liked it"                        "Math is too abstract for me"       

"I can never relate to math"                "I am not made for math"         "I am not a math person"

But is this the case?

Students who do not "get it" the first time are not likely to "get it" the next several times it is taught in the usual manner. Math is all about building up on the "basics." Building a strong foundation is very important in Math. Trying to teach concepts prior to mastering their basics causes confusion and can create a sense of being lost or of being weak at math. 

"You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure." Gordon B. Hinckley

The 'Gaps' in basics can result in poor performance in Math. A student may find the concepts are too advanced or too difficult for them. Without intervention strategies, students could remain "lost" for the duration of their education. 

Memorizing math terms without meaning and context is not productive. Math should be related to real life to 'make sense'. 

And this is what "High School Survivial Math" program is all about. 

It is exclusively designed for students who struggle in high school math porgrams because their basic skills in math from lower grades are not very strong.

From basics of 'ratios' and 'percentages' to the concepts of 'exponents' and 'quadratics', this program covers it all!