About Us

Green Apple is primarily for students who will thrive in a small class environment. In school year 2020-21, 66 % of our students were part-time who were attending Green Apple during evenings and weekends to earn a credit in Mathmetics, Science and /or English. 36% were full-time of which 74% belonged to age group 14-19 and the remaining  26 % were above the age of 20. Our youngest student was of age 14 and the oldest was 38.

Full-Time Students

Green Apple School has four terms in year (September, mid-November, February and mid-April). Unlike traditional schools, students take two credits at a time in a term. So, they finish four credits in one semester just as in traditional school.

Taking two credits at a time make the course load manageable and high school life a lot easier. A student has workload from only two subjects and they can concentrate better. Better concentration means better grades. The individualized attention a student gets at Green Apple because of our low student-teacher ratio is the icing on the cake.

Please call the office now to know more about full-time enrollment at Green Apple.

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Part-time Students

Students can also enroll at Green Apple as a part-time student. A part-time student is someone who goes to a day school also called as a homeschool but is also enrolled at Green Apple for additional high school credit.

Students can sign up for one or two high school credit in our evening, night, Saturday or summer classes as a part time student.

You do not need the permission of your home school to take a course with Green Apple. However, you should check with the guidance department of your school to be sure. We will communicate with your school once you register for a course with us. A final report card will be sent to your homeschool and will be updated on your transcript.

We may also send a copy of your midterm report card to your school, if required.

If you have more questions, please visit FAQ section or contact the school.

Adult Students

Green Apple’s Adult Education Program is primarily for use by adults, over the age of 18, who wish to upgrade their academic credentials, take new secondary credits to change their post-secondary pathway or complete their secondary education towards Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

 We have a variety of learning options for adult students. Green Apple will keep student’s career goals and learning styles in mind and create a schedule that fits their availability.