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Green Apple Alternative  School

We are a private High School located in Brampton inspected by Ministry of Education, Ontario. School ‘s BSID number is 668641. We do not have a rigid timetable, no bells, and no set hours of class. There is a remarkably pleasant atmosphere which will be obvious when you first come to visit.

How are we different from traditional schools?

How are we different from traditional schools?

  • Small Scale

GAAS is deigned to be a small school so that teachers can know their students well.

  • No hierarchy:

Your Teachers and Principal will know about your strengths and weaknesses off the top of their head. Parents and students are actively involved in decision-making.

  • More parental Involvement:

Parents can call anytime to inquire about their child. They receive bi-weekly reports. A parent teacher meeting can happen as often as you like.

Who can benefit from our alternative programs?
  1. Is struggling in traditional system.

  2. Is introvert and doesn’t ask many questions in class.

  3. Has trouble managing workload from school.

  4. Learns better in small group setting.

  5. Has family or work commitments.

  6. Needs to re-engage in high school after dropping out.

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